Coaching Youth Basketball – 6 Steps To Better Practices

One of the most common questions asked by youth basketball coaches is: What are the best basketball drills I can use with my team? While this is a good question for coaches to ask, it is important for coaches to focus on more than just drills. Here is the top question people SHOULD be asking about coaching youth basketball: How …

Defending the Post [ARTICLE]

Focus: Keeping the ball out of the middle while defending the high post. Procedure: Players begin five on five on the half court. Follow these steps: 1. A coach or one of the guards begins the drill by passing to either 03 or 04, both of whom a Source link

Building a Basketball Coaching Career – Hot Tips To Get Started

Racing, Hockey, football, basket ball and baseball are some of the very popular games in America. It is the dream of many a young boy to grow up and join professional teams in one of these games. However, there are some athletes who prefer to become coaches in these fields rather than players of the games. Maybe they would also …

How to Shoot Free Throws Better [ARTICLE]

Free throw shooting is one of the most valuable skills you can have as a basketball player. Players who make free throws score points for their team while the clock is stopped and the opposing team can’t play defense against… Source link