• Thu, 16 Aug 2018 17:51:52 +0000: Episode 224 – When to Take a Risk - Hardwood Hustle
    There are times in your program where you may feel like your program is not getting better or worse but simply coasting. At times like this it may be time to shake things up, but how do you when the right time may be or what moves to make? Adam and TJ break down the […]
  • Wed, 15 Aug 2018 19:07:32 +0000: Player Episode – Planting Seeds - Hardwood Hustle
    Great leaders know that not everything they do to lead others will have an immediate impact, but that every one of their positive actions is a seed planted that may grow years later. Today Adam and TJ give players ideas on how they can begin to lead with this in mind on a daily basis.
  • Mon, 13 Aug 2018 20:34:00 +0000: Episode 223 – 2 Truths & A Lie - Hardwood Hustle
    We bring you a fun episode today where you get to know co-hosts Adam and TJ better with the ‘2 Truths & A Lie’ game. Has TJ had run-ins with Sammy Davis Jr, Chris Farley, or Dennis Rodman? Has Adam been a victim of a shark attack, Chesapeake bridge scare, or a bike accident that […]
  • Thu, 09 Aug 2018 22:23:40 +0000: Episode 222 – 6-Strategies for a Great Marriage - Hardwood Hustle
    A happy marriage is key to being the best version of yourself as a coach. Today Adam and TJ bring you ideas for continuing to have a great marriage. Be sure to tweet us any feedback you have or other ideas you would like to share with coaches about what has worked for you in […]
  • Wed, 08 Aug 2018 12:22:21 +0000: Player Episode – Importance of Checking In - Hardwood Hustle
    Players, the off-season is the time to improve your individual skills, but don’t let that allow you and your teammates you don’t see as often to drift apart! In this episode Adam and TJ challenge players to check in more often with their teammates throughout the off-season in order to maintain these key relationships.