• Fri, 23 Mar 2018 02:43:14 +0000: Episode 187 – Journey Through a Season – Pre-season - Hardwood Hustle
    We begin a new series ‘Journey Through a Season’ today in which we will be breaking down all components of a season and things coaches should be preparing for as they begin to think about the next season. Today begins with the pre-season and the important nuances that come with this exciting time of the […]
  • Wed, 21 Mar 2018 15:33:40 +0000: Episode 186 – Chris Gorres and Oguchi Onyewu - Hardwood Hustle
    Today we are joined by professional performance coach Chris Gorres and USA National Soccer player Oguchi Onyewu of ONYX Elite. Adam recently joined them at their new performance center in Richmond, VA to talk about elite athlete performance and their new business venture. Don’t miss this one as Chris and Oguchi bring amazing perspective from […]
  • Fri, 16 Mar 2018 16:25:33 +0000: Episode 185 – Hustler Throwback – Sharmin White - Hardwood Hustle
    As one of the most successful high school coaches in high school basketball history, Coach White shares some of his secrets and how he is approaching his next step in his journey at Georgia State University. You are certain to be inspired by Coach White in this episode.
  • Tue, 13 Mar 2018 02:14:44 +0000: Episode 184 – Team Not Liking Eachother - Hardwood Hustle
    In the constant search for great team culture, there will be times your team can simply not figure it out. Adam and TJ discuss whether or not there is ever time to accept this and make the most of it, or if drastic measures need to be taken.
  • Fri, 09 Mar 2018 12:25:37 +0000: Episode 183 – NBA – Blake Trade & All-Star Game - Hardwood Hustle
    We’re back with another fun NBA shoot-a-round breaking down Blake Griffin to Detroit and potential improvements to the All-Star game. Make sure to tweet us @hardwood_hustle with your thoughts on the Blake trade and how you would improve the All-Star game yourself!